Blood Queen Lana’thel and The Spider’s Nest

There have been a couple stories floating about (no doubt if I took the time to honestly search, rather than lurking, I’d find more than a few) detailing in grand exposition of how PCs in warcraft came to be the rare few that toppled Icecrown citadel.  Given how expansive the world is and how very small one character is, the idea that my simple, quiet assassin could have made it in an elite group to battle the greatest threat to humanity and Azeroth seemed to be a rather grandiose display of ego.  Of course, that’s just my opinion.  If, as an author, I made efforts to minaturize the world  (or grow my toon) in order to make this a reality, it would not be so far a stretch.  But I don’t have that kind of time.  I’d rather operate under Kadriun being a Plot Magnet in my own little world–and in this world, she and her friends have obtained great honor to battle the Lich King.  Its my story, my toon, and you can’t do anything about it.  So there.  (-: 

ANYWAY, here is my version (expanded and adapted for story’s sake) of the battle with the San’layn queen, Lana’thel.

The axe clattered to the ground loudly, echoing in the cavernous halls, down the winding ramp to the rising spire within the citadel.  Empty eyes lifted, and lit with a hungry gleam from within, dead ears turned towards the sound that littered the vacant air and hung, wrapping around the spire for several moments before finally fading.  The shadowed cathedral returned to its state of watchful undeath.  Sonuvalich flushed, his icy-grey skin merely deepening in hue rather than turning red and he hurriedly picked up his weapon.  Boaz glanced back, shot the death knight an annoyed look, and tightened his grip on his own weapon.  Kadrian peeked behind them.

“Well, they know we’re here now,” she muttered.  Continue reading