Casting Call

I wrote this in a couple days as a Christmas present for the family: even got it bound as a paperback for each person. Its not perfect, but it was fun to write everyone into a story.

Prydon Province, southern Ussan

“Surrounded by enemies at every side, the oppressive shadow of the mountains bearing down on her frail form, the ancient magister nevertheless smiled, a genuine chuckle rising in her throat at each snarling threat.” The elder woman, her face wrinkled by years of age and weathered by experience and trial, held out a hand with crooked fingers at the menacing boglins and spoke a clear incantation in a deeply foreign tongue.

“With merely the strength of her voice and her magic, Bachan enveloped the valley in a typhoon of flame and fire, burning away the waves of enemies like chaff in a storm!” Fire erupted around the venerable magister, rising from her arms like feathered blades of light, and Bachan stood composed within the inferno as it whirled around her on golden wings, finally lifting to dissipate into the night sky.  The boglins that survived the inferno shrieked and fled from the old woman—except one. Continue reading