One Story

“Is it still raining, young one?”  The elderly woman asked from the low bed nestled snug against the wall.   Across the room and down a step to a chill wooden floor, a blazing fire  worked to banish the cold lingering from the autumn evening.  Veiss glanced towards the window, it’s panes streaked with rainwater.  She frowned, a grimace twisted into the corner of her mouth as she considered her dismal return home in that weather, but her face was all smiles and cheer as she turned back to her ward.

“It is, Dame Sara,” she said.

“Unnatural,” the old woman muttered in  bad temper.  Veiss tucked a wayward corner of the numerous blankets back onto the bed.  “Bloody unnatural it all is, this constant ill weather.”

“Your language, Dame Sara!”  Veiss admonished, partially teasing.  She rapped the woman’s bony hand lightly.

“You are in my home, Veiss, not the cathedral.  Here I may speak as I wish. ”  Dame Sara snuggled deeper into the woman blankets, the chill of a sudden gust of wind sneaking through chinks of shrunked boards V eiss had not yet had opportunity to fix.  The inclimate weather had certainly seen to that.  She took up the poker  and shoved several logs further into the fire, letting them shift and fall so sparks and flames blazed up as the new fuel took light. A fresh wave of warmth spread across the floor, and she wiggled her numb toes inside her slippers.  Veiss took it upon herself to visit the reclusive old woman after her shifts at the cathedral.  Ever since Dame Sara had taken ill with a fatigue that limited her movement, she’d been unable to come to services…and though she was generally congenial, if a bit senile, it seemed Veiss was one of the few who could tolerate her sharpness and occasional tactlessness. Asides, she was often better company, even with her rudeness, than Veis’s solitary thoughts at home.

“Here-” she offered, holding the mug of dark tea-blackwalk forest –“Take some, I’ll grab some mroe wood for the fire.  At this rate, with the weather so ill, it won’t be long before you’ll run out. ”  Dame Sara waved it off, her comments at least, the tea she accepted eagerly.  “No problem, no probem, my young Veiss.  That young boy across the way keeps me up with my chores.  He brought a fresh stack just this morning.”  Continue reading

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