Character Depth Research

Alright, so consider this a call to arms.   I need a little help from everyone and this will only take a couple moments, I promise. While the central concept my my characters was fleshed months before I had the book planned out, its the little things I struggle with.  So give a fledging author a hand!  Below are just a couple questions to answer to help me develop my characters a little further: because your opinions and points of view broaden my own. Answer them in the comments, and thanks very much in advance!

1. What are your hobbies?

2. Where do you go to relax? Where do you go if you’re angry and need to cool down?

3. Describe what is on your desk right now.

4. Can you remember your earliest childhood memory?

5. What scent do you associate with your childhood or youth?

6. And, somewhat unrelated, because I’m curious, would you rather die by drowning or fire? Why?