Laws of Physics



My first attempt at what might be considered a full-length novel is, alas, an adventure romance, and not at all in my primary (or preferred) genre. I started my second year in college: at least that’s the point at which I can pin down when I really began to build the storyline. 

I remember sitting at work, (when I worked in the University archives, endlessly filing papers and removing staples until my fingernails no longer existed), my mind running miles in every direction due to the lack of engaging material. This started as one small scene, and practically avalanched in complexity and size.  Over the weeks, I would tell the story in my head, and would pass 4 and 5 hour shifts without breaking the narrative.

Eventually, I started writing it down, and when I finished the rough draft, it was several hundred pages of notebook paper.  Props are given to Rachel, my big sister and roomate for my last two years of school and the innocent bystander as I scribbled, and whose laptop provided the portable gateway to getting it on my USB.

It sat in the device for a year or so, while my finges recovered from all the typing (yes, I do hunt-and-peck method, albeit faster than most).

Recently, I decieded to do a massive overhaul of the (now woefully) immature and coarse version and bring it up to date. Its hard to delete entire pages, and harder to keep track of all the names, ages, and details I’m so fond of using, forgetting, and changing chapters later.  And I still admit, the story overflows with classic tropes and is still quite immature, compared to what I try and write nowadays.  but I at least want to finish it.

I’ll try and post a chapter a week.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.  As I metioned, its very hard (emotionally, oftentimes), to delete portions that I’ve grown attachted to, to the point I need others to tell me they’re superflous or not supportive of the true narrative.

So, wreak havoc, readers.  But gently.  (-:


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