The Lost

A few hundred years had passed since the Deeping War, and the number of magisters had fallen to less than a few hundred across the provinces.  Faced with the near extinction of the class, the Accords were established and magisters were placed under crown protection-an extention of provincial military power, yet little more than servants in reality.  And although the general opinion towards Mages today is not popular, this measure of protection provided for them keeps a tenuous peace and a stiff tolerance for their unusual abilities exists throughout Tethros.


Ethan Suthor is a journeymage that just published his first thesis to the Libraries and working on his final, yet has been forced to set his studies aside as he accompanies the battle mages to the northern tundra, for the Drake War has reached nightmarish levels.  Despite everything the mages can do to keep the provinces from being overrun, the future only grows darker.  Schisms build within the Insitute as inexperenced mages are pressured into battles, and Institude Magisters argue against the fairness of the Accords as their numbers dwindle.  Yet upon his return to Coeryn, bearer of breaking research and discoveries that could turn the tide of the war, Ethan finds himself on the opposite side of the law and fleeing for his life.  With the only other poeple who could have helped suddenly exiled to the warfront, Ethan finds himself looking into the only option left: treachery.


Shuttled from one refugee camp to another since her home town was razed in one of hundreds of drake raids, Liann had little hope for the future.  When a chance encounter with a bitter, renegade mage left her in a strange town miles away from evveryone she knew, she’ daccepted that her life had hit rock bottom. but what had appeared to be a series of ill-fated events had given her a second chance.  Now a guildmaster stationed in Belal and along the supply lines to the fronts, Liann finally accepted that she’d made her own way.  But one weak moment of curiosity suddenly blows into a scandal of massive porpotions, and Liann finds herself branded a traitor to humanity and sentenced to death. A narrow escape leaves her at a crossroads: yet plagued with her guilt and bitter anger, and accompanied now by humanity’s greatest enemy, Liann only wanted to run away again, unaware that her actions had started her down a path for more dangerous and convoluted she could have ever dreamed.

This is a brief synopsis of a story I’ve had in the works for several years now; a bit here, a bit there. This is currently the ONLY original story I ever had any hopes of seriously publishing, so wish me luck!


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